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Disneyland Star Tours Costume

If you’ve ever wanted to dress up like a mechanic from the future, why not try out this Star Tours costume worn by the Disneyland cast members? These blue and orange suits looks very space-like, as if they were astronaut costumes minus the goofy colors. The blue pants are baggy and have orange pockets like oversize cargo pants. The orange shirt is also pretty baggy and has a blue collar and sleeves that can be rolled up and buttoned into short sleeves. The left arm contains a large “Star Tours” insignia patch which you may be able to find somewhere and glue or sew it on your own cast member costume. This is definitely one of those unique costumes that should satisfy Disney and Star Wars fans alike as Star Tours is definitely a true collaboration of both families. It is a nice medium for fans who can’t decide how to express their love of Disney and Star Wars plus you can be sure you will be the only one wearing your Disney cast member costume (unlike the Stormtroopers standing the the middle here who are far more common).

Disneyland Star Tours Costume
Disneyland Star Tours Costume
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Updated on Jun 1, 2017

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