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Fawn Animal Fairy Costume

Get dressed as Tinker Bell’s best friend Fawn in the Animal Fairy costume. Fawn in Disney’s Tinker Bell film loves animals, so she tries to pass on her trait of getting baby birds to spread their wings and fly to Tinker Bell. But Fawn soon realizes that Tinker Bell is still best at what she does, which is to make things magically work. And that’s what makes Tinker Bell happy too. So you and a friend can go as a pair, you in the Fawn Animal Fairy costume, while your friend in the Tinker Bell Disney costume. And the Fawn brown fairy costume should be fairly easy too. Find a sleeveless long brown blouse and match it with a pair of dark brown leggings. Complete the outfit with a green belt that ties the fairy costume together. Also, put up your long hair in a braided pony tail. And that’s really it for your Fawn Animal Fairy costume!

Fawn Animal Fairy Costume
Fawn Animal Fairy Costume
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As Seen in Disney Fairies
Updated on Sep 24, 2017

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