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Silvermist Blue Fairy Costume

Need a unique costume? Try Silvermist Blue Fairy costume from Disney’s Tinker Bell. Yes, many new fairies are introduced in the Tinker Bell film. Tinker Bell, as her name suggests, is a fairy who can “tinker” with things. Silvermist, the Blue Fairy, is a water fairy. She tries to teach Tinker Bell how to make dewdrops. So to be Silvermist the Blue Fairy, you’d need to find a cute blue fairy costume. The costume should consist of a blue glittery dress with beautiful ruffles. You can go with a short or long dress. But the most important detail of the Silvermist Blue Fairy costume would be the fairy wings. Find an elegant transparent or white fairy wings to complete the fairy look. Silvermist also has black long hair, so if you’d like to find a long black wig, then by all means go ahead. And there’s your Silvermist Blue Fairy Costume!

Silvermist Blue Fairy Costume
Silvermist Blue Fairy Costume
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As Seen in Disney Fairies
Updated on Sep 20, 2017

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