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Cinderella Peasant Disney Costume

Everyone recognizes the ubiquitous Cinderella ballroom gown, so that means it’s way too overly done. You should find a totally unique Disney costume. Why not go as Cinderella, but in her peasant dress instead? Cinderella dressed in a ragged, peasant dress is when she had been cruelly locked up by her step mother and step sisters to stay near the cinders and do house work. But your Cinderella peasant Disney costume doesn’t need to look ragged at all! You just need a wench style dress with an apron, and maybe a bonnet over your hair. You’ll looking stunning!

Cinderella Peasant Dress Disney Costume
Cinderella Peasant Dress Disney Costume
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Updated on Sep 30, 2017

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  • Cinderella Peasant Disney Costume

  • danceteacherlookingforspecific

    wish this cam in kids sizes. need many peasant dresses for a competitive group.

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