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Enchanted’s Giselle Disney Costume for Your Girl

Here’s a great Disney costume idea. If your little girl wants to be Princess Giselle from Disney’s Enchanted movie, she can wear her first white extravagant gown for Halloween this year. The gown for your girl doesn’t have to be so big and puffy that she can hardly walk or sit down with it on. Giselle’s Disney costume just needs to be white, shiny, embellished with some lace, and have puffy sleeves. Top off the costume by curling her hair and finish off with a nice princess tiara. You’ll make her dream come true!

Giselle from Enchanted Disney costume
Giselle from Enchanted Disney costume
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Updated on Sep 19, 2017

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  • sobroft spittmorri

    I don't think there is one made in an adult size. You should print the photo's you found and take them to a local dressmaker or seamstress and see if they can help.

  • rirain

    Believed to possess mysterious powers, this enchanted bird is never seen during the day. Whoever glimpses it during the daytime will be empowered with good fortune. Juliana Akandas transforms a legend from the Bwa tribe of Burkina Faso into a colorful mask design.

  • omdarsenbe

    you should really consider a job with disney. for real.

  • gurdick cucchi

    Includes: Jumpsuit, Helmet. Does not include: Socks, Toy sword. This is an officially licensed © Disney costume.

  • suhak

    Best Buy Costume Super Center Girls Enchanted Giselle Costume

  • Enchanted's Giselle Disney Costume for Your Girl

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