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You can be sure that finding a Disney costume isn’t as hard as looking “just around the river bend”. These days, if your child wants to be Pocahontas for Halloween this year, there are plenty of choices at various costume sites, though the best one we found is at Your child’s Disney costume can, of course, be very G-rated, and if you’re worried that she might get cold going trick-or-treating, just layer a long-sleeve shirt underneath her costume. Her Pocahontas costume needs to be beige in color, have fringes, and finish it off with a turquoise jeweled necklace.

Now if you are looking to make the Pocahontas costume yourself, you can first start with a child’s wig and try to accessorize from there.

For adults wanting to dress up as the Indian maiden, you can go for the conservative option or else try something that is a bit more accurate as it this costume shows a little bit more of her shoulder as in the picture.

If you really want to be risque and sexy, there are “Indian princess” costumes like this one which can be turned into a pretty good Pocahontas costume with the addition of the proper wig. These won’t say the name “Pocahontas” due to licensing fees and rights, but they are pretty much targeting the Disney princess so they will all look similar to the real deal. Plus the savings they get by not paying licensing fees get passed onto you! Make sure to carry a Meeko plush doll with you to complete the look.

Pocahontas Child Disney Costume
Pocahontas Child Disney Costume
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Updated on Sep 21, 2017

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