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Princess and the Frog: Princess Tiana in Green Dress

Now that your girl has seen Disney’s Princess and the Frog movie, that’s all she thinks about all day now. Well, you can give her more Princess Tiana by dressing her up in a super cute Princess-y green dress. This dress is really one of a kind. The Princess Tiana dress has the classic Disney Princess feel all over it – meaning it’s a beautiful dress with detailed layers and a cute flower adorned on the skirt as well. The green dress is also true to the Princess and the Frog story – the green color has got that touch of New Orleans swamp and jazziness, both at the same time. So don’t let your girl wait any longer – make her dreams come true by letting her be Princess Tiana in a Princess and the Frog green dress!

Princess Tiana Green Dress
Princess Tiana Green Dress
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Updated on Dec 28, 2017

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  • thand

    no way should you allow your child to wear a John McCain Halloween costume It WILL traumatize the younger children

  • gubatte

    Talladega Nights Ricky Bobby Child Costume: Costume includes foam box with jersey and headband attached and unders…

  • rifi philder

    small yellow rain slicker with reflective tape and a hat would be easy enough to make, then a little black makeup smudges on the face.

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