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Baby Dumbo Costume

Dressing your baby up in a baby Dumbo costume is a great way to introduce the classic Disney film to your child. You remember how the beloved Dumbo was mistreated and ridiculed for his abnormally large round ears. But Disney is a great story teller as they spin the story so that Dumbo can actually use his big ears to his advantage – Dumbo can fly with his ears. Can you think of any other elephants who can fly? Disney sure can, and his name is Dumbo. So dress your little guy up in a cute little baby Dumbo costume. The easiest costume would be a full-on Dumbo body suit. The costume should come with a set of ears that are big enough for your little guy, but not too large to scare anyone off. Or maybe that’s a better idea? And last but not least, if you’d like to accompany your baby with your own Dumbo costume, get a pair of elephant ears headset for yourself too!

Baby Dumbo Costume
Baby Dumbo Costume
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As Seen in Dumbo
Updated on Sep 9, 2017

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    Disney Plush Infant Baby Dumbo Elephant Costume (size 3-12 months):

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