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Disney Emperor Kuzco Costume from Emperor’s New Groove

Perhaps lesser known than other Disney characters, Emperor Kuzco from The Emperor’s New Groove is still an excellent costume for the South American themed costume party. This fine example actually isn’t a Disney cast member, but just goes to show how dedication and faithfulness to a Disney character’s likeness, in this case Emperor Kuzco, can make a really great costume. A simple red poncho, red skirt, large circle blue earrings, and a kingly crown turn this costume into true royalty.

emperor's new groove kuzco costume
emperor's new groove kuzco costume
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Updated on Sep 21, 2017

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  • hurch


  • deboccoms

    going to watch emperor's new groove!

  • simsim2212

    ahaah LOL
    THis is ME XDDd
    I’m the cosplayer in the photo!!! LOL
    I wanna say that i have done the costume all by myself… it was so difficult to create it, but so enjoying!!! Nobody has had the idea of cosplaying Kuzco before me… i was such the first to do it and i found it so funny…
    I’m so glad you like it *_*

  • schler

    Childrens costume for halloween night | Disney Cruise Packages

  • shawley urant

    good, relatively new but not a lot of dialgoue
    Brokeback Mountain
    Up does have a lot of empty spaces without dialgoue though it's not as sparse as the other two

  • Disney Emperor Kuzco Costume from Emperor's New Groove

  • Disney Emperor Kuzco Costume from Emperor's New Groove

  • why me and my mom keep searching for the emperor’s new school costumes at the store and we can’t find the thing we want.

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