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Giselle Costume from Enchanted

One of the more memorable Disney princesses of late is Giselle dressed in an elegant blue gown from the Disney movie Enchanted. Unlike the other Disney princesses you may know of, Giselle was actually portrayed as a live action character played by Amy Adams, though she did start off as an animated one. This blue gown worn by Giselle is flowery with lots of long flowy lines including the long blue sash and which undergown which shows through a front slit. Giselle’s hair also makes use of long ribbons and we’re pretty sure that pose is spot on from the movie which is actually set mostly in New York. That makes the Giselle costume from Enchanted the perfect city girl costume if you’ve ever wanted to be a Disney princess yourself.

Giselle Costume from Enchanted
Giselle Costume from Enchanted
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As Seen in Enchanted
Updated on Feb 12, 2017

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