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Giselle Costume from Enchanted
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Giselle Prince Edward Couples Costume

A perfect couples costume idea for fans of Disney princesses and princes is Giselle and Edward from Enchanted. The movie starts off normally as any animated Disney movie does but quickly jumps into the real world right in the middle of New York City. Though it’s not as popular a princess, that makes it all the more unique plus you are still in the elite company of Disney royalty. Giselle’s gown is easy enough as the pieces are relatively simple. In all actuality, it’s probably harder to piece together Prince Edward’s costume more than anything. However, with enough dedication you can make it work as a wonderful couples costume idea like these two did.

Giselle Prince Edward Couples Costume
Giselle Prince Edward Couples Costume
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As Seen in Enchanted
Updated on Feb 26, 2017

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