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Peter Griffin Costume

Everyone’s favorite lovable character on Family Guy has to be the fat, bumbling Peter Griffin. Like Homer of the Simpsons, this anti-father figure always seems to steal the show. Get the same type of attention yourself if you happen to have the build for it and always wanted to try, Peter’s costume is much easier than you think! For starters, his wardrobe is a simple white shirt with sleeves rolled up to the elbows and a pair of green khakis. If you have a big belly like Peter Griffin then make sure it hangs out over your belt so exaggerate your figure. Peter Griffin always wears round owl-like glasses so you can sport your own or just buy a cheap pair of prop ones. Peter’s famous double-chin is hard to pull off but you could use some makeup to accentuate your chin. His hair isn’t anything special, just keep it combed straight.

Peter Griffin Costume
Peter Griffin Costume
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As Seen in Family Guy
Updated on Jan 29, 2017

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