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Fantastic 4 Dr Doom Costume

Tired of dressing up in a superhero costume again this year? Well, how about being a villain instead? And it’s not your everyday Disney witch or evil queen villain either. The Fantastic 4 Dr Doom costume is an original costume idea that people are going to do a double-take on! Dr Victor von Doom is the ever recurring villain that you cannot kill easily, which is really great because he is just that annoying villain that everyone loves and hates at the same time. So the Fantastic 4 Dr Doom costume should be a no brainer as long as you have the all recognizable Dr Doom mask. The rest of the costume is quite easy really. You would need a green hooded cape and shirt, a pair of black pants with an orange belt, and you are set! Watch out Fantastic 4 crew, because you are going to make their nightmares come true in your Dr Doom costume!

Fantastic 4 Dr Doom Costume
Fantastic 4 Dr Doom Costume
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As Seen in Fantastic 4
Updated on Apr 25, 2017

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