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Tough Looking Dominic Toretto Costume from Fast Five

If you’ve got the physical build to pull it off this year, then this Dominic Toretto costume will do wonders for you at the next Halloween party. His outfit is fairly simple and easy to do and since the latest Fast and the Furious installment came out this year in 2011, Fast Five, you won’t be accused of dwelling on the past. The new Fast Five Vin Diesel is as tough as ever and even has an exciting fight scene with The Rock. Here is Dominic Toretto costume in a black sleeveless shirt with a cross necklace that once belonged to Letty. Really don’t forget the necklace as it does play a big role in the movie. Wear some cool black jeans with faded coloring effects and brandish a black metal crowbar menacingly. Also, and this goes without saying, shave your head for the best effect.

Tough Looking Dominic Toretto Costume from Fast Five
Tough Looking Dominic Toretto Costume from Fast Five
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Updated on Sep 7, 2017

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