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Bob Costume from Disney Frankenweenie

The Disney movie Frankenweenie is full of great characters to draw inspiration from for this Halloween season. If you’ve got the girth, this Bob costume might be a great costume for you. Bob is a mean-spirited and strong kid who hangs out with Toshiaki, who would be the brains of the group. Bob, unfortunately, lacks in that department as he his easily gullible but he makes up for it with his brawn. Bob’s costume is quite similar to Pugsley’s from the Addams family in that it is just a T-shirt with thick horizontal stripes, and sort of like Edgar E Gore’s costume from the same Frankenweenie movie who acts as Victor’s lab assistant. At the end of the day, Bob’s is simply a momma’s boy and acts like it. If you try to pull off this costume, make sure you get the concentration of freckles and cheek makeup down. His hair is also parted down the middle. Bob’s costume uses black shorts and shoes to finish the look.

Bob Costume from Disney Frankenweenie
Bob Costume from Disney Frankenweenie
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As Seen in Frankenweenie
Updated on Sep 15, 2017

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