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Frankenweenie Victor’s Lab Coat Costume

One of Victor’s more memorable costumes from the Disney and Tim Burton collaboration on this year’s Frankenweenie movie is the lab coat costume. This is what Victor, the main character of the movie, also a remake of the 1984 original, wears when he tries to bring his dog Sparky back to life, Dr. Frankenstein style. The lab coat should be quite an easy costume to pull off since it is so simple and won’t take you too much work. The coolest thing about Victor’s lab coat costume might be his goggle, so be sure you get a similar pair. They almost look like aviator’s goggles than a simple lab-ready protective eye wear. Be sure to remember the wear your lab coat backwards just like in this photo reference of the Victor’s lab coat costume here. Wear black rubber gloves too, to make it look like you came straight from the lab in the middle of an experiment.

Frankenweenie Victor's Lab Coat Costume
Frankenweenie Victor's Lab Coat Costume
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As Seen in Frankenweenie
Updated on Sep 1, 2017

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