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Tim Burton Frankenweenie Edgar E Gore Costume

Edgar E Gore from the Tim Burton movie Frankenweenie is a kid without many friends, who really wants to help out Victor on his science fair project, though his good intentions sometimes turn out the wrong way. His name is very similar to Igor from the Frankenstein novel and that is precisely his role in the movie, as the lab assistant with the hunched back. If you’re ready for a night of back-breaking hunching over then Edgar E Gore may be the perfect costume for you. He’s got longer hair parted down the middle which is sloppier than Victor’s neat cut and wears a striped sweater reminiscent of what Pugsley wears from the Addams Family. You may want to use some tape to shrink one eye since Edgar has one big eye and one small eye. He also wears vertically striped shorts (in contrast to his horizontally striped shirt), and even striped socks if you want to go for the full look. Of course you must walk with your hands and arms curled to mimic Edgar’s look.

Tim Burton Frankenweenie Edgar E Gore Costume
Tim Burton Frankenweenie Edgar E Gore Costume
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As Seen in Frankenweenie
Updated on Sep 8, 2017

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