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Toshiaki Costume from Frankenweenie

Meet Nassor’s lab partner from the Disney and Tim Burton movie Frankenweenie Toshiaki. The Toshiaki costume is simple to pull off like most of the costumes from Frankenweenie. He is the other bad guy of the movie with Nassor and wants to win the science fair competition as he is an incredibly competitive person. The most noticeable piece of his costume is the pocket protector, a staple of nerds everywhere in the 80s and 90s. The wardrobe is just a simple shirt with a pocket stuffed with pens and the haircut is quite easy provided your hair is long enough. Toshiaki wears dark pants and shoes to complete the look. Stand around looking like you are plotting something evil at the party.

Toshiaki Costume from Frankenweenie
Toshiaki Costume from Frankenweenie
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As Seen in Frankenweenie
Updated on Sep 11, 2017

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