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Anna and Elsa Coronation Costumes

Most girls who want to dress up as Anna and Elsa will most likely be thinking of their wardrobes post-coronation when Elsa turns into a beautiful ice queen and Anna wears the pink cloak with blue dress. However, before Arendelle gets frozen over by a nervous Elsa, the two royal princess sisters wore these beautiful gowns to the ceremony. Anna’s coronation costume is green and she is seen in the musical sequence with Prince Hans in it. The gown has a black corset top with green sleeves. The bottom is an alternating light and dark green with an elegant floral pattern to it. Anna wears a simple black necklace as part of her costume. Elsa’s costume isn’t quite as exciting as her ice queen one but it is mostly blue to reflect her magic skills. Elsa wears a long purple cloak as she must be presentable like a queen should, and even wears the crown on her head. Her dress is long and to the ground much like Anna’s with a similar simple floral themed print. Elsa also wears long blue gloves which were given to her by her parents before they died in a shipwreck. The blue gloves allow her to control her magical ice powers, so it is an important piece of Elsa’s costume. Be a little more original this year unlike the rest of the girls who will look just like all the other girls during Halloween. Shoot for the same recognizable characters but in different yet still beautiful wardrobes and people will compliment you on your originality.

Anna and Elsa Coronation Costumes
Anna and Elsa Coronation Costumes
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As Seen in Frozen
Updated on May 10, 2017

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