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Elsa and Anna Couples Costumes

For you and a best friend, or else a pair of real sisters just like Elsa and Anna from Frozen, this couples costume makes a practical and cute idea come Halloween time. It’s perfect for two best friends or sisters as Elsa and Anna are just different enough to have their own distinct personalities yet are bonded by blood. This adorable Anna costume on the left hits all the right parts of the look, starting with the red hair tied in ponytails. While this wig’s locks are a bit small, it’s hardly noticeable. Anna also wears a cute pink petticoat over a white shirt with a black vest and blue dress. Elsa’s costume shares in the ponytail except she has one to the side. As a princess with magical ice powers, her gown is sparkly like ice and Arctic blue like a glacier. Any aqua colored dress made of a shiny reflective fabric material can be used and a long sheer fabric cape can be draped around majestically from the back. We are really betting on this adorable Frozen couples costume to be a big hit this year as this year’s Halloween will actually be the first since the movie came out (in Thanksgiving which was after last year’s Halloween). Plus it’s surely been making the DVD rounds in households with children all around the world and is sure to be on little girls’ minds, just like the catchy tunes. Say, do you want to build a snowman?

Elsa and Anna Couples Costumes
Elsa and Anna Couples Costumes
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As Seen in Frozen
Updated on May 3, 2017

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