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Frozen Olaf Costume for Kids

The comic relief character in Disney’s Frozen movie is most definitely the magical Olaf snowman who is born from Elsa’s icy meltdown during her coronation. Since Olaf is a relic of the childhood of Elsa and Anna when they used to build him he represents a special connection between the two sisters. His comical look has a lot of kid’s appeal so you can see why here a child is proudly showing off his Olaf costume. Olaf’s body is a white “dress” that is stuffed with batting for some shape and tied off around the waist to give the appearance of a segment. The coal buttons can simple be black socks wadded up and sewn on. The hard part would be creating your own Olaf mask like the one this costume is sporting. It looks to be constructed out of a different material like Styrofoam which can be shaped more easily. It’s most definitely a homemade costume you see here but perhaps by now a ready made Olaf can be purchased easily online.

Frozen Olaf Costume for Kids
Frozen Olaf Costume for Kids
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As Seen in Frozen
Updated on Oct 10, 2017

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