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Game of Thrones Varys Costume

Lord Varys is an interesting character from Game of Thrones who has a large mysterious network of spies and who seems to have no true allegiance to anyone in the royal court except himself. He is a man from nothing who is proud of his accomplishments yet dresses quite modestly probably so as not to draw too much attention to himself so he can lurk in the shadows where he prefers. This grand Lord Varys costume is rather simple and consists of a monk robe in usually dull colors most often portrayed in this dull gold with cloth with paisley gold sheen for decoration. This Varys costume can easily be created with a yellow or gold bed sheet or blanket layered with another paisley patterned fabric of similar color. What’s most noticeable about his costume is the “X” pattern across his chest as a result of his monk robe costume that gives the impression that it is simply draped over his body. His hands are usually crossed in an obsequious position as Varys always tries to please everyone around him in case power ever shifts in their favor. You can wear a pair of khaki pants underneath with brown boots and either shave your head or get a bald cap wig to avoid the trouble.

Game of Thrones Varys Costume
Game of Thrones Varys Costume
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As Seen in Game of Thrones
Updated on Oct 10, 2017

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