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Jaime Lannister Costume

While this Jaime Lannister costume might look like the ideal “knight in shining armor” character, he actually has a bad reputation as a man who betrayed his king. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you can’t look the part of a knight in shining armor this Halloween when you try your own hand at a Jaime Lannister costume. His wardrobe is armored but is still functional so as not to be overly clunky. The Jaime Lannister costume starts with a white long sleeve shirt and pants. The real detail is in the scale-armor pieces and golden breastplate. The armor covers his shoulders and arms down to the elbows. It also appears on the sides of his thighs. Jaime Lannister’s costume also includes an incredible sword of Valyrian steel, but a plastic one will suffice you don’t want to scare people away with a real weapon!

Jaime Lannister Costume
Jaime Lannister Costume
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As Seen in Game of Thrones
Updated on Oct 11, 2017

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