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Ghostbusters Costume Ideas

Ghostbusters Group Costume Idea for Women

If you've got a few friends and need a cool costume idea that is perfect Halloween themed, ahem we are dealing with ghosts here, then you'll want to check out these Ghostbusters 2016 costumes, which star four ladies instead of the men of old. This... → Read More

As Seen in Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters 2016 Ladies Costume

The Ghostbusters reboot starring an all-ladies cast shows off the new yet familiar costumes of the rag tag ghost busting crew. Pictured here are two fine examples of the new Ghostbusters costume that you may want to try out. The ladies's costumes start out with... → Read More

As Seen in Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters Marshmallow Man Costume for Babies

Babies make the perfect subjects for this cute and adorable Marshmallow Man costume from the 80s movie Ghostbusters. This ghost appeared at the end of the movie as the ultimate one for the Ghostbusters to catch. It was as tall as a building, absurdly happy,... → Read More

As Seen in Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters Costume

If you ever watched the Ghostbusters cartoons or movies when you were younger, then you'll surely appreciate this man's very well done Ghostbusters costume. He starts with a basic beige jumpsuit and then proceeds to dress it up in Ghostbuster costume style. What stands out... → Read More

As Seen in Ghostbusters