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Ghostbusters Marshmallow Man Costume for Babies

Babies make the perfect subjects for this cute and adorable Marshmallow Man costume from the 80s movie Ghostbusters. This ghost appeared at the end of the movie as the ultimate one for the Ghostbusters to catch. It was as tall as a building, absurdly happy, and charged through New York City wreaking havoc. The Marshmallow Man is actually based off of Mr. Stay Puft, a fictional marshmallow making company. The idea of a cuddly and cute ghost made out of marshmallows terrorizing New York is one we love, and we love it even more on a cute cuddly baby. This costume looks very much like a sailor costume which you can easily find for your own baby or child. The hard part is getting the beret to match that of the original towering ghost. The band on the beret actually says “Stay Puft” in reference to the candy company in the movie, with red ribbons on top. There is also a red ribbon bow tie in the front, with a big blue bib. Again, we cannot stress enough how perfectly fitting this is as a baby Halloween costume! It also helps if dad dresses as a Ghostbuster, in case people don’t catch the reference.

Ghostbusters Marshmallow Man Costume for Babies
Ghostbusters Marshmallow Man Costume for Babies
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As Seen in Ghostbusters
Updated on Oct 25, 2017

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