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Homemade Great Gatsby Costume

Take advantage of 2013’s Great Gatsby film as a chance to bring back the roarin’ 20s with this vintage inspired costume for ladies. As you can see it’s not hard to pull off this Great Gatsby look as you may have something in your wardrobe that might fit the bill. The trick is the long pearl necklaces which were popular at the time and of course the flower headband. Generally the dresses worn in the Great Gatsby were longer to form a more slender figure. Even if you don’t wear a floral decoration be sure to replace it with a vintage hat with a feather in it. Costumes in the Great Gatsby usually included something worn on the head.

Homemade Great Gatsby Costume
Homemade Great Gatsby Costume
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As Seen in Great Gatsby
Updated on Jun 19, 2017

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