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Jay Gatsby Daisy Buchanan Couples Costume

If you’ve got a willing partner this year, it’s time to bring back the old time feel of the 1920s with these Great Gatsby costumes for a him and her. The costumes aren’t too hard to pull off, which is the best part, so you can save some money by wearing what you’ve already got in the wardrobe. You can see on Daisy Buchanan she wears a long purple gown with matching gloves and a hair clip. Stick to floral everything: floral gown, floral decorations, floral patterns, etc. Heck even the couch and background is all floral! Jay Gatsby’s costume is also easy to pull off. Match the color coordination here with a cream suit, blue shirt, and beige vest with matching pocket square. Then quickstep your way into the party!

Jay Gatsy Daisy Buchanan Couples Costume
Jay Gatsy Daisy Buchanan Couples Costume
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As Seen in Great Gatsby
Updated on Jun 29, 2017

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