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Green Hornet Superhero Costume with Seth Rogen

Thanks to the style of dress of the Green Hornet superhero costume, you may actually be able to pull off this costume with very little costume. The Green Hornet’s costume is classy so if you’ve got a black suit at home, then you may have the beginnings of a great costume. Pictured here is the old 60’s TV show redone for 2011 with Seth Rogen as the main star playing the role of Britt Reid, a kid who lacks ambition whose father dies and leaves him with a small business empire and fortune. He eventually finds his calling as a superhero. The trick to get this costume to work with minimal effort is to get a tie with some sort of green detailing so at least other party-goers will be able to easily pick up on what your costume is. The other part is to get the bowler hat and of course the face mask. That will certainly tip people off to your awesome superhero costume. If you’ve got a superhero themed costume to go to, you’ll be glad you won’t have to wear any tights or spandex like the poor saps who are going as Spiderman and Superman. Don’t forget the black leather gloves and black vest as well. Don’t button the top button of your white shirt and keep it lose, because a superhero does a bit of moving around so he can’t have a tight shirt cramping his style. Make sure to wear dark green pants!

Green Hornet Superhero Costume with Seth Rogen
Green Hornet Superhero Costume with Seth Rogen
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As Seen in Green Hornet
Updated on Sep 10, 2017

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