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Red Jacket Hannah Montana Costume

So the little girl known as Miley Cyrus who played Hannah Montana is now grown up. But your own little girl still loves Hannah Montana and wants to dress in a Hannah Montana costume. Especially one that includes a red jacket. So you need to find a red jacket Hannah Montana costume. But not to worry as such a costume isn’t too hard to find at all. The most significant piece of the costume is a cropped shiny red jacket really. What goes underneath the red jacket isn’t all that relevant. But for a cute red jacket Hannah Montana costume, find a cute graphic shirt or blouse and pair it with a flared skirt. Also find some tall black boots too to complete the outfit. And as much as you don’t want your little girl to become a drama queen, you need a glittery mic to go with her new red jacket Hannah Montana costume!

Red Jacket Hannah Montana Costume
Red Jacket Hannah Montana Costume
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As Seen in Hannah Montana
Updated on Oct 8, 2017

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