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Lord Voldemort Costume

Dressing up in a Lord Voldemort costume from Harry Potter this year may be the easiest way to go! Although he’s wearing a black robe, you can definitely find a close substitute for this with a black snuggie. If you don’t wish spend a lot this year on a Voldemort costume, using what’s at hand may be the best option for you. What you’ll need is a wand, a mask (that will cover your nose), and a bald cap that can cover the top of your head. If you happen to have makeup conveniently lying around, go ahead and use it to do some touch-up work around the eyes. Make sure that you put your makeup on in a way that will create the illusion that your eyes are sunken in almost. Use dark eyeshadow on the top portion of your eyes and a pink or red eyeshadow under the eyes. If you have blue colored contacts, those could come in handy as well. Make sure you have the signature Lord Voldemort hands too!

Lord Voldemort Costume
Lord Voldemort Costume
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As Seen in Harry Potter
Updated on Sep 15, 2017

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