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Hades Costume from Disney’s Hercules Movie

If you’re in a villainous mood for your next costume/Halloween party, consider going as an evil Disney villain that nobody will think of… that’s right: the Hades costume from the Disney movie Hercules. It’s not quite as well known but still well known enough when you put on this costume. A blue wig styled like fire (remember his hair is a flame) and blue lipstick should be sufficient for your face. You could even opt for full blue body paint. This Hades costume uses a Roman toga outfit, except that it’s black and blue.

disney hercules hades costume
disney hercules hades costume
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As Seen in Hercules
Updated on Sep 28, 2017

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  • pollilynne kamay

    There are some Egyptian Goddess costumes that you might like to consider and maybe cross dress a little to fit your theme.

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  • sassmah wathe

    Depois da Saga de Hades tamo de volta!!! Amambai p num perder o costume…

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