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High School Musical Costume Ideas

Troy Basketball Warm Up Jersey Costume

So your little boy wants to be like Troy from High School Musical and dress up in a Troy basketball warm up jersey costume. Troy can sing and he can play basketball, who wouldn't want to be like him? Yup, Troy just seems like the... → Read More

Sharpay End of School Year Costume

One way to help your little girl remember the good ol' High School Musical memories is to dress her up in a Sharpay end of school year costume. This way, she won't be sad to see the cast of High School Musical 3 graduate from... → Read More

Gabriella Prom Costume

Your little girl dreams of dressing up in a Gabriella prom costume, as she loves High School Musical 3. Not that she knows much about high school proms, but she sure does know that she loves a prom dress. Especially Gabriella's white dress. Your little... → Read More

Sharpay Golf Dress Costume

It's okay for your little girl to dress up in a Sharpay Golf Dress costume. Dressing up as Sharpay from Disney's High School Musical doesn't mean that your child will be as mean and manipulative as the character on the show. This is just dress-up,... → Read More

Gabriella Lifeguard Costume

Your child loves Gabriella from Disney's High School Musical. So she naturally wants to dress up as Gabriella, especially in the Gabriella lifeguard costume. If you have no idea why Gabriella would be in a lifeguard costume, well that is because in High School Musical... → Read More