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Hipster Costume Ideas

Hipster Instagram Costume

There is no better symbol of the rise of the hipster craze than the simple photo sharing app Instagram. What made this app so unique and so widely adopted by users was its unique filters which allowed users to add a bit of age and... → Read More

As Seen in Hipster

Hipster Waldo and Carmen Sandiego Couples Costumes

Growing up in the 90s you definitely knew Waldo and Carmen Sandiego. Waldo was the iconic and dare we say original hipster with his black frames and peppermint beanie who was always a joy to find in the puzzling books by Martin Handford. Carmen Sandiego... → Read More

As Seen in Hipster

Hipster Disney Princesses

We love it when old costumes are brought to new life with a relevant and modern twist. In this case we're talking about these cool hipster Disney princess costumes. This group of four party goers features Pocahontas, Ariel, Belle, and Jasmine as modern day hipsters.... → Read More

Hipster Princess Jasmine Costume

We've seen a hipster Aladdin already so why not shoot for a hipster equivalent of Princess Jasmine? This costume shows you how it's done. The hipster craze is going strong thanks in large part to Instagram, nostalgic photo effects and our love for things vintage.... → Read More

As Seen in Aladdin, Hipster

Hipster Aladdin Costume

Who said Ariel had to be the only hipster Disney costume around here? If you are a guy, then this hipster Aladdin costume is sure to catch your interest. It's comfortable, it's hip and cool, and it's still Aladdin from the Disney movies! In fact,... → Read More

As Seen in Aladdin, Hipster

Hipster Ariel Costume

The Little Mermaid is the object of adoration of many girls, many of whom are all grown up. While the prospect of being a mermaid and having tail fins rather than legs makes the costume quite hard to pull off, why not go for a... → Read More

As Seen in Hipster, Little Mermaid