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Hipster Instagram Costume

There is no better symbol of the rise of the hipster craze than the simple photo sharing app Instagram. What made this app so unique and so widely adopted by users was its unique filters which allowed users to add a bit of age and nostalgia to their otherwise pristine photos. Even bad photos under bad lighting were turned good with an Instagram filter applied to it. That’s also why if you’re going to a hipster Halloween costume party this year then the iconic Instagram camera is a perfect dress up idea! It’s actually quite simple all you really need to do is draw or print out a large format of the Instagram app icon and wear it around your body like a sandwich board. Pair it with a simple white shirt and of course a hipster beanie. Take it to the max by wearing an actual camera around your neck with the lens actually able to peek through the cardboard and take photos. It’s sure to be a knockout hit with its cool hipster vibe and surprise working camera.

Hipster Instagram Costume
Hipster Instagram Costume
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As Seen in Hipster
Updated on Oct 17, 2017

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