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Hipster Waldo and Carmen Sandiego Couples Costumes

Growing up in the 90s you definitely knew Waldo and Carmen Sandiego. Waldo was the iconic and dare we say original hipster with his black frames and peppermint beanie who was always a joy to find in the puzzling books by Martin Handford. Carmen Sandiego was another well known figure from the same period who even had a hit TV show for kids. The two characters are perfect for a nostalgic update to modern day hipster style. Waldo’s easy enough to pull off with the red and white shirt. Throw on a new modern day jacket and cool frames and his costume just about lends itself to the hipster treatment. Carmen Sandiego was always wearing a bright red trench coat with a fedora hat. Her look is actually so timeless it looks trendy even today! Together, these Waldo and Carmen hipster costumes are the perfect Halloween costume idea for fans of the new fashion and lifestyle craze.

Hipster Waldo and Carmen Sandiego Couples Costumes
Hipster Waldo and Carmen Sandiego Couples Costumes
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As Seen in Hipster
Updated on Oct 13, 2017

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