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Cute Toddler Old Lady Costume

If you’ve got a toddler and are looking for a sweet and adorable costume why not consider a sweet and adorable old lady costume complete with wig and walker? As you can see the toddler here can barely walk without support as it happens in the circle of life. It’s quite easy to put together this grandma costume for your toddler without much effort at all. The best part of this perhaps is the wig with white and gray hairs tied up in a grandmotherly bun. The toddler wears a plaid dress paired with a pink cardigan that we find adorable. The best prop is the miniature-sized walker that looks like it used to serve as some sort of stool or stand modified with wheels and handlebars.

Cute Toddler Old Lady Costume
Cute Toddler Old Lady Costume
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As Seen in Homemade
Updated on Sep 29, 2017

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