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Mavis Costume from Hotel Transylvania

Little girls this year will surely love to go as this Mavis costume for Halloween thanks in part to its timely release date but also to the actress who voices the character – Selena Gomez! The character Mavis in the movie Hotel Transylvania is the daughter of the owner of the hotel, who also happens to be Dracula himself. This also gives Mavis some extra special powers as she can turn into a bat at any time, much like her father. The costume is very plain and very simple and is easy to replicate. She wears a black dress with red on black stockings and red Chuck Taylor high tops. The real key is in the stockings and shoes, as the black dress and black hair don’t really distinguish the character Mavis. It is entirely possible you may be able to piece this costume from your existing wardrobe without having to spend a dime but yet have a cutting-edge new Mavis costume from Hotel Transylvania.

Mavis Costume from Hotel Transylvania
Mavis Costume from Hotel Transylvania
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Updated on Sep 7, 2017

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