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Judge Claude Frollo Costume

In our opinion perhaps one of the most overlooked villains in all of the Disney movies, this Judge Claude Frollo costume from the Hunchback of Notre Dame is sure to be a welcome treat if you’ve got a cast of friends who have decided to dress as Disney villains this year. Claude Frollo was an original character from the novel and plays the main villain in the Disney movie as he tries to get Esmeralda to like him despite his hate towards Gypsies. He is also the adopted father of Quasimodo but only because he was forced to adopt him for penance for killing his Gypsy mother. There are few villains who are really this bad in Disney movie history. Frollo even then tries to kill both Quasimodo and Esmeralda, despite having raised one for twenty years and lusted after the other. Claude Frollo’s costume is that of a Parisian judge and you can see his fun purple themed costume features one of those pompous hats that you see professors wear at graduation ceremonies. Score yourself one of those and you’re nearly there with the costume. The rest of his black costume is actually eerily similar to the Evil Queen’s from Snow White from the face down. It’s a velvet black affair with purple highlights. Draw in sullen gray makeup and wear a purple long sleeve underneath.

Judge Claude Frollo Costume
Judge Claude Frollo Costume
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Updated on Jun 14, 2017

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