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The Incredibles’ Jack Jack Disney Costume

So you’re a huge fan of Disney/Pixar’s The Incredibles. But you’re not so much a fan of wearing red tights. Got a baby? Here’s a great Disney costume idea! How about dressing your baby up as Jack Jack? You can try to gel your baby’s hair up like Jack Jack’s, but don’t sweat over it if you can’t or don’t want to. To justify the Disney costume as the Incredibles’ character, find a red long-sleeve onesie for your baby. You can add an iron-on sticker that resembles the Incredibles logo on the shirt. Most babies probably will fuss with an eye mask on their face, so you don’t have to let your baby go through that ordeal. So there, your baby should be all  set to go as an Incredibles superhero!

Jack Jack from The Incredibles Disney Costume
Jack Jack from The Incredibles Disney Costume
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As Seen in Incredibles
Updated on Oct 4, 2017

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