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If you’re a fan of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade you’ll surely love this fun group costume idea that works perfectly with the movie. This movie is particularly funny of the Indiana Jones trilogy because of the dynamic of Indiana and his father Henry. The knight pictured in the middle hear sports a chain mail costume with a white shirt draped over and a red insignia. He’s old because he will never die due to the power of the Holy Grail which Indiana Jones is questing after. He is asked to choose wisely from the assortment of cups which the knight is holding on a tray. Henry Jones stands to the right with a fairly simple costume to mimic. He wear’s a gray three piece suit with a matching cap and glasses and a beard. Indiana’s look is the classic leather jacket with fedora paired with white shirt and beige trousers.

Indiana Jones, Knight, Henry Jones Group Costumes
Indiana Jones, Knight, Henry Jones Group Costumes
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Updated on Sep 6, 2017

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