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Kids’ Indiana Jones Costume

While kids today may be into the super heroes of present times, why not go a little retro by suggesting this adorably handsome Indiana Jones costume instead! If you introduce your kids to the movies they’ll definitely be wowed by the exciting adventures of actor Harrison Ford who plays an archaeologist. Though the movies were released in the 80s, the times of Indy’s films were even further back in the 30s and 40s, so it is truly a retro vibe. The costume that he is most remembered for is pictured here, with his trademark fedora hat and half-unbuttoned white shirt. While the whip isn’t present due to kids running a little too wild with that kind of toy, it still sports a very sensible messenger bag and gun in a holster, both of which Indiana Jones is seen wearing in the films. The rugged look is further enhanced by beige cargo pants and a pair of well-worn heavy duty boots. It’s so easy and simple to put together so if your child is a fan of Indiana Jones this costume makes the perfect go-to costume for Halloween!

Kids' Indiana Jones Costume
Kids' Indiana Jones Costume
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As Seen in Indiana Jones
Updated on Sep 24, 2017

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