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Maraschino Step Costume

We’re kicking off our newly created category “Internet Memes” with this Maraschino Step costume idea because memes like this have been around since the invention of the Internet and they are definitely here to stay. We can’t ignore how awesomely wonderful this Vine video was submitted by a user named Maraschino, after which his dance step is named. In this short clip a guy shows off his amazing dance moves and we think it’s the perfect excuse not to dress up for Halloween… that is if you’re willing to bust out the Maraschino step every now and then so people will get it. It could score massive points in your favor if you can do the dance well. The costume is easy because it is just an off-white t-shirt with khaki colored shorts and white sneakers. If you have the frame for the Maraschino step costume that is even better! Just practice those dance moves because people want to see that you put a little thought into your costume, so you’ll have to endure a bit of dancing on command. However, we think it’ll be worth it for the originality and relevance to the times. Thank you Maraschino, for showing us your mesmerizing dance moves.

Maraschino Step Costume
Maraschino Step Costume
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Updated on Sep 24, 2017

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