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Iron Man Costume Ideas

Tony Stark Light Up Costume

To be Iron Man, you don't have to don a huge hulking metal costume. Instead, think of the man behind the mask: Tony Stark. Yes, when people ask you at the party: you're Tony Stark, who also happens to be Iron Man, but not at... → Read More

As Seen in Iron Man

Iron Man 2 Happy Hogan Costume

You'll see more of Happy Hogan in the new Iron Man 2. Happy Hogan is Tony Stark's personal assistant and chauffeur (who becomes Pepper Potts's assistant too), and he's also the comic relief of the film. Happy Hogan is played by Jon Favreau, who is... → Read More

As Seen in Iron Man

Iron Man 2 Ivan Vanko Costume

How about an Iron Man villain Ivan Vanko costume for a change? Ivan Vanko is the fierce antagonist in the new Iron Man 2 film, played by Mickey Rourke. Ivan vows to avenge his father Anton Vanko's death and suffering, as Ivan blames Tony Stark... → Read More

As Seen in Iron Man

Iron Man 2 Justin Hammer Costume

As you'll see in the upcoming 2010 Iron Man 2 film, Tony Stark aka Iron Man will have a new adversary, a fellow business rival named Justin Hammer. Similar to Stark, Hammer is also a good looking, rich and smart snob. Justin Hammer is played... → Read More

As Seen in Iron Man

Iron Man 2 Natalie Rushman Costume

Scarlett Johansson has way too many code names in the new Iron Man 2 movie. Oh well, more options for you as you can get dressed up in a Natalie Rushman costume. Mainly and more commonly known, Johansson plays the Black Widow, and you will... → Read More

As Seen in Iron Man

Iron Man Lt Colonel James Rhodes Costume

In the new Iron Man 2, you'll finally see Lt Colonel James Rhodes get dressed up in the War Machine suit. And it'd be cool for yourself to get suited up in a War Machine costume too, of course. But don't forget that Colonel James... → Read More

As Seen in Iron Man