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Iron Man Tony Stark Costume

The Iron Man costume has become very popular with adults and kids alike. To make yourself stand out from the crowd, why don’t you go with a Tony Stark costume instead. As you know, Tony Stark is the civilian name behind the superhero armor in Marvel’s Iron Man and Iron Man 2 films, played by Robert Downey Jr. When he’s not out fighting the bad guys, Stark is home perfecting his Iron Man suit. And when he’s home, Tony Stark usually sports a black tank top or wife beater, and you can still clearly see his brightly lit electromagnet in his chest. To complete the Tony Stark costume, you need a curly black wig and grow a mustache and goatee as well. Don’t forget a pair of red sunglasses or safety goggles, which is essential for Tony Stark when he’s working on high voltage technology!

Iron Man Tony Stark Costume
Iron Man Tony Stark Costume
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As Seen in Iron Man
Updated on Apr 13, 2017

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  • sar

    Win Passes to Edward Maya at Int'l Balloon Festival August 18th, playin "Stereo Love" at 1030. Tony Stark…

  • ducreser

    To be absolutely honest I haven't looked at the new iron man costumes. Okay, I've just seen it. Good luck.

    Generally it looks as though you need sheets of yellow and red material. For cheap that means cardboard or some other card. Plastic could possibly be affordable if you can figure out a way to soften and shape bottles. The cheapest molds I know are plaster of Paris — but part of the reason they are so cheap is while plasticene/plastilena is expensive it never dries so you can use it for a LOT of molds. DO NOT, whatever you do, make a mold of his body. The cheapest molding material is plaster of paris which for chemical reasons heats as it dries. I've known people who went to the hospital for burn treatment after taking what they thought were sufficient precautions to cast their faces.

    Those are my suggestions.

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