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Tony Stark Light Up Costume

To be Iron Man, you don’t have to don a huge hulking metal costume. Instead, think of the man behind the mask: Tony Stark. Yes, when people ask you at the party: you’re Tony Stark, who also happens to be Iron Man, but not at the moment. While the costume is quite simple being just a plain white tank top, the light up effects are what make this Tony Stark costume the real deal. Tony Stark’s heart is powered by a mini arc reactor core which keeps the shrapnel from entering his heart which would otherwise cause him to die. There are small battery powered lights which you can buy that you can tailor for your costume. To make the light up chest piece just cut a stencil of the core and cover the top of your light so only the correct parts show through. For the palm of your hand simply carry another light and that’s it! An Avenger’s costume that isn’t all super dressed up yet still looks awesomely cool.

Tony Stark Light Up Costume
Tony Stark Light Up Costume
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As Seen in Iron Man
Updated on Oct 20, 2017

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