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Jurassic World Owen Costume

From the familiar Jurassic Parks movies comes a re-imagining of the film with lots of throwback nods to the original: Jurassic World. The newest hero from the film is Owen, played by actor Chris Pratt, who is cast as the raptor trainer. As you can see this role of his is quite a hit with the ladies so if you want to be a hit too at the party why not consider this very easy Owen costume? The fake blood and scratches is sure to win you some sympathy points too. For Owen’s costume start with a blue denim shirt with sleeves rolled halfway and a leather brown vest. Pair that with a pair of gray pants and brown shoes. He also wears a watch, belt, and on his back he has a holster for a knife, adding to his rugged look.

Jurassic World Owen Costume
Jurassic World Owen Costume
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As Seen in Jurassic World
Updated on Sep 30, 2017

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