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Hit-Girl Costume

While the movie Kick-Ass didn’t receive much attention in theaters, it has since developed a big cult following thanks to its over-the-top absurd characters and overly violent themes. Kick-Ass is a superhero with basically no powers at all except for his green suit. He finally meets up with some real superhero material people, among them an innocent looking Chloe Moretz as Hit-Girl. While she looks like a small little girl, Hit-Girl is actually quite violent and perfectly capable of dispatching bad guys with her double-edged spear. The fun part of Hit-Girl’s costume is definitely the purple and feminine touch which belies the serious ass-kicking ability underneath. She also gets to wear a cool purple wig and a mask just like a real super hero! Hit-Girl’s outfit is easy enough to put together yourself with a purple shirt and matching spandex pants. She wears a cute plaid skirt which is held up by a utility belt with the letters “HG” on the buckle, revealing her superhero identity. Then just top it off with a cape. The shoes aren’t pictured but we’re pretty sure she wears big black military-style boots which you can have some fun with. Alternatively you could go the easy route and get your very own fully licensed costume to wear.

Hit-Girl Costume
Hit-Girl Costume
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As Seen in Kick-Ass
Updated on Oct 13, 2017

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