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Kingdom Hearts Costume Ideas

Kingdom Hearts Roxas Costume

If you have the right Kingdom Hearts Roxas costume, then putting together the rest of your outfit should be a cinch! All you'll need besides the costume is the right hair. For the hair, you could just find any short blonde wig for men and... → Read More

As Seen in Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts Namine Costume

What can be easier to pull off than the Kingdom Hearts Namine costume? This look can be worn by anyone! All that you need is a simple white short dress, a medium length or short blonde bob wig, some simple white sandals, and you're done.... → Read More

As Seen in Kingdom Hearts

Roxas Costume Kingdom Hearts II

Anyone Kingdom Hearts fan adores the main hero Sora, but what about his alter-ego Roxas? Born from Sora stabbing himself in the heart to free Kairi's heart, Roxas is Sora's Nobody, with the ability to wield the keyblade as shown and also the same memories.... → Read More

As Seen in Kingdom Hearts

Riku Costume Kingdom Hearts

For fans of the Kingdom Hearts franchise, which was an RPG collaboration with Square Enix and Disney, this Riku costume stands out above the rest. The hair color is the right lavender color and his keyblade is just stunningly awesome with even wingtip detailing. As... → Read More

As Seen in Kingdom Hearts

Sora Costume Kingdom Hearts

From the famed Kingdom Hearts franchise, here are three different versions of the Sora costume. The main character, Sora, undergoes three forms (valor, wisdom, and master), all the while with different colored keyblades of varying power. During the video game, published by Square Enix, Sora... → Read More

As Seen in Kingdom Hearts