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Roxas Costume Kingdom Hearts II

Anyone Kingdom Hearts fan adores the main hero Sora, but what about his alter-ego Roxas? Born from Sora stabbing himself in the heart to free Kairi’s heart, Roxas is Sora’s Nobody, with the ability to wield the keyblade as shown and also the same memories. This Roxas costume hits all the major points, the hair color is the same as Sora’s, and he wields the Oathkeeper. Note also the fine detailing of the black and white checkerboard all over the Roxas costume.

roxas costume kingdom hearts
roxas costume kingdom hearts
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As Seen in Kingdom Hearts
Updated on Sep 11, 2017

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  • graz

    Betina Llamzon, Nathan Roxas – padala po ung costume nyu, ung poor people clothes nyu a. :)) pakikabisado po ng…

  • hohamroser ilgroveret

    Ada panggung ternyata,ada yg joget2 pake costume macan, dr paseo de roxas smp ayala avenue ditutup

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