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The endearing hero of the Lego Movie is the unassuming Emmet who despite all odds is able to overthrow the evil Lord Business and his hold on the Lego city. This costume is perfect and fun for kids who love watching The Lego Movie over and over at home. It’s their chance to be a hero and a toy at the same time! The Emmet costume hits all the right colors with the construction worker styling on the body with a blue collar shirt underneath. The whole thing can be made from cardboard and painted, such is the beauty of a block costume like that of a Lego mini-figure. The Arms are just round tubes which can bend at the elbows. The Emmet costume head piece is also cylindrical and sports a spot on replica hairstyle like that of the Lego Movie character paired with his beaming smile. We love the little small name ID badge on his leg pocket front stating Emmet’s name.

Lego Movie Emmet Costume
Lego Movie Emmet Costume
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As Seen in Lego Movie
Updated on Sep 12, 2017

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